Jessica Torrion, Assistant Professor – Crop Physiology
Northwestern Ag Research Center, Montana State University
4570 MT 35, Kalispell, MT 59901. 406-755-4303,

Ph.D – Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, 2008
MSc. – Faculty of Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands, 2002
BS – Visayas State University, VISCA, Baybay Leyte, Philippines, 1996

Research Focus

Understanding genetic-specific crop response to abiotic stressors,  search and understand adaptive plant traits both under limited and sufficient resources, management and tool development strategies to improve resource use efficiency, agricultural remote sensing application for water and nutrient stresses, and simulation of interacting factors to productivity.

Refereed Journals (*corresponding author, ^ graduate student mentee)

Jones, B.H., N. Blake, H-Y. Heo, J. Kalous, J. Martin, J.A. Torrion, and L. Talbert*. Accepted. Improving hexaploid spring wheat by introgression of alleles for yield component traits from durum wheat. Crop Sci. J.

Heo, H-Y, S.P. Lanning, P.F. Lamb, D. Nash, M. Wichman, P. Carr, K. Kephart, R. Stougaard, J.A. Torrion, J. Miller, C. Chen, D. Holen, N. K. Blake, and L.E. Talbert*. Accepted. Registration of Dagmar hard red spring wheat.J. Plant Reg.

Sapkota, A.^, E. C. Meccage, R.N. Stougaard, B. Bicego^, and *J.A. Torrion. 2019. Foliar applied boron increased alfalfa petiole boron across water regimes, not yield. Agron J.

Bicego, B.^, A. Sapkota^, and *J.A. Torrion. 2019. Differential water and nitrogen impacts on classes of wheat. Agron. J. doi: 10.2134/agronj2019.04.0283

Torrion, J.A.*, O. Walsh, X. Liang, B. Bicego^, and A. Sapkota^. 2019. Managing ‘Egan’ wheat with a gene for high grain protein. Agrosys. Geosci. and Env. 2: 190019. doi:10.2134/age2019.03.0019.

Engel, R.E., C.M. Romero, P. Carr, and J.A. Torrion. 2019.Nitrate fertilizer performance in a semi-arid climate of the northern Great Plain compared to urea. Can. J. of Soil Sci.

Yang, R., X. Liang, J.A. Torrion, O.S. Walsh, K. O’Brien, and Q. Liu. 2018. The Influence of Water and Nitrogen Availability on the Expression of End-Use Quality Parameters of Spring Wheat. Agronomy J.

Fordyce, S., J. A. Torrion, J. Lachoweic, P. Miller, B. Biddulph, and P. Carr. 2018. Field evidence of frost-induced cross-stress tolerance in canola. Agric. and Env. Let.

Mohammed, Y., C. Chen, M. Walia, J.A. Torrion, K. McVay, P. Lamb, P. Miller, J. Eckhoff, J. Miller, and Q. Khan. 2018. Dry Pea (Pisum sativum L.) protein, starch, and ash concentrations as affected by cultivars and environment. Canadian J. of Plant Sci.

Sapkota, A.^,  E.C. Meccage, R.N Stougaard, J.P. tanner, D.M. Peterson, and J.A. Torrion*. 2018. Boron fertilization of irrigated alfalfa in Montana. Crops, Forage, Turfgrass Manage. J. 2 (4): 170085

Torrion, J.A* and R.N Stougaard. 2017. Impacts and limits of irrigation water management on spring wheat yield and quality. Crop Sci. J 57: 1-13.

Grassini. P., J.A. Torrion, H. S. Yang, J. Rees, D. Andersen, K.G. Cassman and J.E. Specht .2015. Soybean yield gaps and water productivity in the western U.S. Corn Belt. Field Crops Res J. 179: 150-163.

Torrion, J. A, T.D. Setiyono, G.L. Graef, K.G. Cassman, I. Suat and J.E. Specht*. 2014. Agronomic impacts of deferred, deficit, and full-season strategies. Crops Sci J. 54: 1-14.

Grassini, P., J.A. Torrion, K.G. Cassman, H.S. Yang, and Specht, J.E. 2014. Drivers of spatial and temporal variation in soybean yield and irrigation requirements. Field Crops Res J. 163: 32-46.

Torrion, J.A*, S. Maas, W. Guo, J. Bordovsky, A. Cranmer. 2014. A three-dimensional index for characterizing crop water stress. Remote Sensing J. 6(5): 4025-4042.

Torrion, J. A. T.D. Setiyono, K.G. Cassman, R.F. Ferguson, I. Suat and J.E. Specht*. 2012. Soybean root development relative to vegetative and reproductive phenology. 2012. Agronomy J. 104 (6): 1702-1709.

Torrion, J.A , T.D. Setiyono, K.G. Cassman and J.E. Specht*. 2011. Soybean phenology simulation in the North-Central USA . Agronomy J. 103 (6): 1661-1667

Book Chapters

Specht, J.E., B.W. Diers, R.L. Nelson, J.F. Toledo, J.A. Torrion, and P. Grassini. 2014. Soybean pp. 199-243. In Smith, J.S.C, B. Carver, B.W. Diers and J.E. Specht (eds.). Yield Gains in Major US Field Crops: Contributing Factors and Future Prospects. Crop Science Society of America, Madison, WI.

Guo, W., S. Cui, J. A. Torrion, N. Rajan 2015. Data-driven precision agriculture: opportunities and challenges. In: R. Lal and B. Stewart (eds). Soil-Specific Farming: Precision Agriculture. Advances in Soil Science. Vol 22. 353 p. CRS Press

Outreach Tools

UNL SoyWater (Soybean Irrigation Scheduling)

Soil Moisture Sensor (WatermarkTM) Calculator

Recent Grants (2014-2017)

Torrion, J.A., M. Bourgault, and E.G. Meccage. P and K of dormant to semi-dormant alfalfa. Montana Fertilizer Advisory Committee – 53,660.00

Kisekka, I., G. Hoogenboom, K.J. Boote, J.A. Torrion, and M. Ottoman. A decision support tool for predicting alfalfa yield and quality to enhance resource use efficiency. USDA-NIFA – $265,797.00

Torrion, J.A., L. Talbert, & H. Young. Building knowledge on spring wheat plasticity. Montana Wheat and Barley – 69,837.00

Olga Walsh, J.A. Torrion, & Xi Liang. Optimizing water and nitrogen use for sustainable wheat production. Western SARE (USDA-NIFA) – $ 249,779.41

Torrion, J.A, Bob Stougaard and Luther Talbert. N-fertilizer recommendation for contrasting protein requirement. Montana Fertilizer Advisory Committee- $ 67,841.00

Torrion, J.A, Kent McVay and Paul Stoy. Long-term quantification and documentation of crop coeffcients for efficient irrigation water use. MAES Research Initiative – $ 50,000.00

Kent McVay, J.A. Torrion, and Paul Stoy – Validating crop coefficients for efficient irrigation scheduling. Montana Wheat and Barley Committee – $ 35,400.00

Kefyalew,  J.A. Torrion, Peggy Lamb & Phil Bruckner. The role of root characteristics in nutrient and water use of winter wheat. Montana Fertilizer Advisory Committee – $ 78,994.00

Torrion, J.A, Bob Stougaard and Emily Glunk. Optimizing Boron maintenance fertilization for alfalfa. Montana Fertilizer Advisory Committee-$ 81,658.00

Torrion, J.A . Infratec near infrared analyzer with test weight module.Montana Wheat and Barley Committee– $ 24,000.00

Torrion, J.A ,  and Robert Stougaard. Crop water productivity and grain quality impacts of irrigation strategies under contrasting soil water holding capacity. Montana Wheat and Barley Committee– $ 46,657.00

Torrion, J.A and Robert Stougaard . Understanding the nitrogen use efficiency/water use efficiency tradeoff in spring wheat. Montana Fertilizer Advisory Committee – $ 64,356.00


American Society of Agronomy
Crop Science Society of America
Soil Science Society of America


2018-2020: Science Communications Editor. Agronomy Journal. America Society of Agronomy
2016-2018 : Associate Editor, Crop Science Journal. Crop Science Soc. of America
2015 Chair : Soil-Plant-Water Relations Community. American Society of Agronomy
2014 Vice Chair: Soil-Plant-Water Relations Community. American Society of Agronomy

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