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(Re)Introduction of Soft White Spring Wheat

Producers in NW Montana have revisited and planted growing Soft White Spring Wheat in lieu of Hard Red Spring Wheat for economic reason. Last year (2015), other than the NW MT extreme drought that occurred, the price of hard red spring wheat dropped and soft white market price was higher. Thus, some producers have opted planting this market class this year. Though, this market class is prone to pre-harvest sprout and falling number at the elevator can be a real downer. There are strategies in terms of limiting irrigation water towards late seed-fill, etc. as discussed during this year’s winter grower meeting.

Soft white wheat is a low moisture wheat ideally used for asian-style noodles, pastries and flat breads. Low protein is desired for this market class and a high protein soft white is discounted at the elevator.

This year, we study management options to focus on yield increase and not on protein. The rationale was discussed during our July 12, 2016 field day and we look forward to provide you with updates during our winter grower meeting in Kalispell, MT. See you there.